Build Highlights July 21, 2022

MaidCentral is releasing a build overnight on July 21, 2022. In this build, you will find some brand new features, as well as enhancements to existing features. To find out what is improving this week, read below.



  • Customer Portal: MC 2.0 - Rate Mods/ Add Checkbox for Available Customer Portal
  • Customer Portal: Updated verbiage for adding a credit card
  • Customer - New fields for Internal Memo at customer level
    • Added to Orange Customer Card as a label and tooltip
  • Dispatch board: Column for phone number
    • Added column for preferred phone number
  • Dispatch board: Format Customer Name and Address Columns
    • Update Customer Name to be First Name Last Name. Made Address its own column.
  • Employee Stats - Productivity shouldn't filter Pending Jobs (filter in progress jobs)
    • Updated query to not filtering complete jobs- it will only filter jobs that are in progress
  • MC 2.0: Office and Online Bookings Default Tags
    • Office Booking will default check First Time - Deep Clean only if Deep Clean is in the Scope name. Online Booking will default check First Time In and Out of Rotation
  • MC 2.0: Quote Emails: Add Job Date to Fee Table



  • Availability Calendar - Availability Calendar > Efficiency Hours should account for Trainee Position Factor
    • Uses the Average Trainee Position Factor for the Scope Group
  • Employees > Daily Timeclocks > Breaks - Changing Break Type will now save
  • MC 2.0: Activity Pipeline Date Filters now pulling correctly
    • We made an update to the date filter to account for UTC Date and Time
  • MC 2.0: Customer Account Invite Campaign Seeing CC Processor Connections Correctly
  • MC 2.0: Payroll summary visual bug - Time Clock Calculation
    • Time Clock calculations were always using the Pay Type stored on the Time Clock
  • MC 2.0: Rate Modifications will show if the price is $0
  • Rates Increase/Adjustment Report - Duplicate entries should be light red (like the header at the top)

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