Build Highlights July 14, 2022

MaidCentral is releasing a build overnight on July 14, 2022. In this build, you will find some brand new features, as well as highlights to existing features. To find out what is improving this week, read below. 


  • Employee Default Position Change allows for you to set a Start Date
  • MC 2.0: Batch Invoice: Email invoices automatically when created
    • On the Batch Invoicing page, an email with the Invoice will be sent to the Customer if their Customer Account has "Email Invoices when Jobs are Invoiced" checked. The button will Create and Email Invoice.
  • Notifications: Template Tag for Terms of Service 
    • Template Types: Bump, Cancel, Cancel Service, Invoice, Lockout, Move, Rate Adjustment, Rate Increase, Redo, Skip, Notifications, Scorecard


  • Batch Invoice: Email invoice is sending one email per job fixed
  • Campaign: Customer Retention campaign no longer creating Open Ticket customer notes
    • When at least one Text fails to send, it was setting all subsequent Texts as Open Tickets
  • MC 2.0: Online Booking Form should not jump to form on page load
    • Chrome Only. Removed First Name focus on Step 1 Load
  • MC 2.0: Testimonials now scrolling on Website
  • Tickets Report: Updated date filter functionality

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