Home Zones and How to Change Them

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Zones are a powerful feature in MaidCentral. Zones allow you to create a geographic area with a color-coded overlay to quickly identify where a job is in relation to other jobs.

Understanding Home Zones

In fact, if you execute zones properly, you can improve overall efficiency and reduce wasted time between homes, just by visually identifying homes that are close in relationship to one another by their color-coded zones.


Changing or Editing a Home Zone

In some cases the System , will display the home zone incorrectly due to an address change, incorrect zip code entry, or other reasons 

You can easily Change a Home Zone Manually, for any customer following the below steps!

  1. Under your Company Tab > General > Features tab, Enable "Manually update Home zones" and "save Features" at the bottom of the page mceclip0.png
  2. Once the above feature is enabled, Under the Home level of a customer > Home Information Tab > you can "Edit" the Home (seen below)mceclip2.png
  3. After the Feature is enabled and you are inside the "Edit" of the home, you will be able to manually change the Home zone to the correct zone                                                    mceclip3.png

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