MC 2.0 Online Quoting: Available Waiting Days and Cutoff Time

MC 2.0 Quoting - 
To manage your Online Booking Form Available Waiting Days and Cutoff Time for MC 2.0 go to Company > Other > Quoting & Scopes. 

Click Scopes of Work



Click the Scope Group name you are setting online quoting Available waiting days and cutoff time for.  EX.  Residential Cleaning




From your Revenue and Goals/View Availability tab


you will find the following options:

MC 2.0 Online Quoting Tool include:

Online Quoting Available Waiting Days:  Online Quotes cannot book their first job within this many days. 
Online Quoting Cutoff Time:  For Online Quotes, an additional day will be added if the Quote is booking after this time.

Set the number of days you want for your available waiting booking period along with the time of day booking will cutoff and click Save Revenue Goals





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