Availability Calendar - How to use

The Availability Calendar is used to see what days of your week will have availability without having to click through each day to find a spot! 
Available in Grey means it is fully booked, available in Green means there is time/revenue available on that day. Though the Availability Calendar does not show which home zones are on the available days, the best practice is to set some internal rules around location scheduling - is there an area that you can only go to on every other Tuesday? What is the most common area that can go anywhere on any day? 

You want to be able to look at the availability calendar and just schedule it based on the hours available, then as the day gets closer arrange the new jobs based on what is available on that day. 

Workflow for this would look like:
  1. Customer calls and gets a quote and is ready to book on the spot. 
  2. Pull up the availability calendar and see if there are enough hours available for the first job on next Tuesday.
  3. Schedule the job on "Not Scheduled" while on the phone with them to get them on the schedule. 
  4. Optional additional step - if you don't want the recurring service to be on that day of the week, find an opening on the Master Schedule for their recurring service.
  5. Finish the booking and home information and end the call. 
  6. When you have time, look at the day and see where the job makes the most sense on that day. 
The goal is to have them on the schedule as quickly as possible using the availability calendar - this is the first step of active scheduling. Then you only need to worry about where exactly it is going to go on the schedule as that day gets closer. This is part of why the time is not listed on booking templates. You are scheduling them on a day and then they will get the time in their notification reminders. If they truly need a time, just give them Morning or Afternoon and make a note of that in the job notes or with a tag so you can adhere to that expectation. 

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