Create an Hourly Adjustment rate Modification

There are times when jobs need to be adjusted up and down in time and price, and there is a quick easy way to get this added for your technician's time and any jobs quickly.


Company>Scopes of Work>choose any scope that may need an hourly adjustment

Click on Rates on the left-hand menu > Extras> +Create


Fill in the rate adjustment information as follows:


The price and time can be based on a by minute or by hour basis.

  • Per Minute Charge example: $55/hr rate - 55/60= 0.92 per minut
    • mceclip0.png
  • By hour example: $55 and 60 Minutes
    • Screenshot_2023-03-30_at_4.27.34_PM.png

And then you can use this adjustment for any job by calculating the minute they need up or down 

  • Use a negative quantity to have it subtracted from the total. 
  • By Minute
    • mceclip1.png
  • By Hour
    • Screenshot_2023-03-30_at_4.30.15_PM.png




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