MC 2.0 -- Quoting By Room - Setup Example

MaidCentral's advanced booking tool allows you to create accurate quotes that not only create a price but first and foremost they create production times for every cleaning. This video covers nearly all of the settings you will need to set up a quoting by room Scope in MaidCentral. 


MaidCentral allows you to create quotes by either quoting by room or by quoting by the square foot. There are advantages to quoting with either method, but one of the biggest benefits of quoting by room is that you can automatically create detailed room logs that are available to your cleaning techs. 

With room logs, you can create more detailed scopes of work for your cleaning techs. You can apply notes and pictures to the room level. And it makes it easier to do custom pricing when a customer asks you to add or remove a room from a cleaning visit. 

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