How To Pre-Invoice Clients and Pay Fee Split to Technicians (Monthly Invoicing)

These are the instructions for setting up the billing for a client that is pre-billed or invoiced outside of Maid Central and making sure any technicians that are paid fee split (commission/piece rate/percentage pay) are paid correctly within Maid Central's payroll functionality. 

Problem -

When a client is invoiced directly from Quickbooks Online, it adds a balance to the customer within Maid Central; when jobs are completed throughout the month, each job will create a new invoice, which increases the balance within the customer's account. The jobs need to be completed and invoiced, with the correct bill rate, within Maid Central to pay technicians that earn commission pay. 

Solution - 

Pre-billed customers can have their billing set up as "Batch Invoicing." This will allow the jobs to have a standard bill rate for the commission to be calculated but will not immediately add the invoice amount to the client's Quickbooks Online account. Once the job has been closed, the invoices can be deleted from the batch invoicing report. 


How to set up - 

  1. Go to the client page that is pre-billed/pre-invoiced
  2. Click on the pencil icon on the customer name.mceclip0.png
  3. Go to the Billing Terms drop-down menu and select Batch Invoicemceclip2.png
  4. Continue to close jobs through Invoicing & Job Records normally. The batch invoice jobs will be saved on the Batch Invoicing report for final review. 
  5. To remove the invoices for pre-billed customers, go to Company>Batch Invoicing.
  6. Select the customer name and delete the individual invoices with the red trash can to the right. This will remove them from the batch invoicing list, but they will continue to show up on the Jobs Not Invoice report if they ever need to be invoiced. 

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