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MaidCentral Setup

MaidCentral can integrate with many VOIP systems.

Our VoIP (Voice over IP) integration enables incoming calls to be automatically matched to your CRM records, displaying the appropriate Customer record. This gives immediate visibility of the customer's details and their account history, details, and notes.

The VOIP integration is compatible with many VoIP systems and is easily configured using a URL link to connect the two systems. Please note that you must be using a Softphone installed on a computer for this to work. 

You should check with your individual VOIP provider if their softphone dialer has this capability. MaidCentral Support does not provide any additional details on installing this feature, and this article does not cover all of the configuration details you may need for your individual system. 


How It Works

When an incoming telephone call is received, the integration presents a string of numbers in a URL that MaidCentral reads to match an existing contact. If it finds a match it will open a window with that customer's information.

How To Install This Feature
Contact your VOIP provider to verify they support “Call Events” or “URL Integrations”

If they do, contact them for detailed installation instructions and support. MaidCentral cannot provide direct support on installing this feature as it varies from VOIP provider.

The URL for installing this popup is:

Replace xyz with your company.

Your VOIP will add the number from the caller ID at the end of “search?id=” and post this URL to your default browser when a call comes in.



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