MC 2.0 -- Scopes of Work Overview (Video)

MC 2.0 - This video goes over the Settings and Functions of an individual Scope of Work


  • A Scope is a unique type of service. You can create unique services for recurring cleaning, versus your deep clean services, or other specialty cleaning services you provide. What you can create with Scopes is only limited by your imagination. Each Scope can have its own unique pricing structure, add ons, discounts, and technician pay types. So if you pay differently based on doing a deep clean versus a regular service this is very easy to mange in MaidCentral.
  • Each Scope can link to a unique QBO (Quickbooks Online) item. 
  • Two unique ways to quote in MaidCentral. Create production times by room or by square feet.
    • Rooms allow you to create detailed room logs for your cleaning techs
    • By square feet allows you to simplify the quoting process and ask a single question and still deliver an accurate quote. 
  • Each scope can be turned on or off for the office or online, so you can create unique quoting paths. 
  • Frequencies
    • Allows different pricing per hour or minimums by cleaning frequency, and allows you to create marketing text on your online booking tool that highlights this. 
    • Frequencies can be different for online versus office quoting. Maybe you don't want to quote every 3 weeks online. 
  • Rates > Extras
    • You can create unique add ons with MaidCentral 2.0. 
    • You can link them to a unique QBO item.
    • You can choose these add ons to adjust the price in a variety of ways including a flat price, a percentage of the job total, or by the square footage of the add-on item. 
    • Time calculations for how much these add ons affect time can also be uniquely adjusted. 
    • Extras can be turned on or off for online quoting so that you can simplify the online quoting experience if you like, while still allowing more options for office sales. 
    • There is the ability to place a tooltip (or help text) on each extra, add an icon, change the icon color, add a ribbon with unique marketing text, and adjust the ribbon color as well. 
  • Rates > Discounts
    • Discounts can all be linked to a unique QBO item so you can get more granular with your marketing efforts.
    • Choose the price calculation method for a discount as either a flat amount or a percentage.
    • Discounts can be used for office or online quoting. 
      • For office quoting they show up in a dropdown
      • For online quoting discounts need to be applied as a promo code. So creating a promo code-friendly name for the discount is helpful (Ex. SAVE20 or SENIOR10). 
  • Skips and Lockout fees are created at the Scope level. You can automate charging your customers a lockout fee if you show up and they are not home. Or if you charge a fee if they skip their visit. That can also be automated, and the settings for this are at the scope level.
    • Skip and lockout fees can be set as either a flat fee or a percentage of the job total.Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_5.13.28_PM.png

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