MC 2.0 -- Scope Groups Overview (Video)

MC 2.0 -- This video goes over the settings and functions of a Scope Group



  • Scope groups allow you to organize labor units inside of MaidCentral and have unique labor pools for online and office quoting. For instance, if you have commercial and residential employees that work different shifts, you can separate out these labor pools. Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_5.17.14_PM.png
  • MaidCentral has advanced Revenue Production Planning tools that allow you to know exactly how much labor you can sell, and now you can divide that up into smaller groups so that your sales team and operations team are always on the same page. 
    • You can either sell to the exact labor hours you have available, or you can create revenue goals.
    • If you are using labor hours, MaidCentral uses the exact hours you have based on your employee availability, days off, etc... and allows you to adjust that availability for unexcused absences, drive, and office time. 
  • You can automatically set notifications for your customers during the quoting process, including automated reminder texts and emails, on the way emails, job started, and job finished. Reminders are fully customizable in MaidCentral.
  • You can add online booking help text at the Scope Group level to help customers who are booking your service better understand the process. This help text is fully HTML friendly and allows you to even embed images or videos. 
  • Terms of service are created at the Scope Group Level. Your customers need to affirm your terms of service for online booking, and they are sent to your customers during an office quote for them to affirm before service.

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