MaidCentral Creating Invoices Behind the Scenes Workflow

Within MaidCentral you have a couple required integrations that will help you seamlessly charge customers, create invoices, and keep track of your bookkeeping. These are Quickbooks Online and either Stripe or 


Behind the scenes workflow when you hit "Create Invoices"

- When you hit Create Invoices, MaidCentral will send an API call to QBO to Create an invoice based on the Bill Rate you have set for the jobs. 

- QBO will then send that Invoice back to MaidCentral saying that it's ready to be paid

- At that time MaidCentral will send another API call to your Credit Card Processor to charge these customer accounts for the Bill Rate that was set

- Your Credit Card processor will send back that either the cards have enough money to charge or were declined

- For the ones that were marked as "having enough to be charged" they will run and then MaidCentral will tell QBO that the invoice should be marked as paid. The declined cards will show as an error on your I&J Report


This behind the scenes workflow takes out the manual aspect of you having to go into the other software's unless there is an outlier of an issue that requires it.


If done correctly you will never have to go into the other software's and can keep track of all information within MaidCentral. 

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