Payroll Summary Columns

Surface level explanation of Beginning Columns

Reminder -- All Columns have a small "i" next to them containing this information as well. Not all columns are included as the rest are self explanatory -- such as Vacation/Sick/Holiday Pay etc..


Total Job Hours - Total amount of hours that a tech were checked into jobs specifically
Paid Job Hours - This only affects hourly employees like trainees
Total Allowed Labor Hours - Total amount of provided labor hours that were associated with the jobs assigned to them - Does not look at how long it took them to clean
Paid Allowed Hours - This only affects the pay type of Allowed Hours
Drive and Office Hours - This is anytime the tech was clocked in but not checked into a job
Clock Hours - Total amount of hours a tech was CLOCKED in for the day
Commission - Only affects the pay type for Team Fee Split
Team Hourly + Travel Pay - If you pay hourly or for a trainee this is their pay as their travel pay will default to their hourly rate. For trainees it defaults to the set preset at the Company Level under Company > General > Payroll Options > Trainee Hourly Wage

Hourly Pay - Average Hourly Pay for techs who are paid Allowed Hours, and those who are hourly in your office. 

Additional Pay - The total pay for any Additional Pay that was manually added under "Amount Employee Owes, Amount Owed to Employee or Other Additional" 

Gross Wages (before SP & OT) - Employees Gross Wage before Supplemental Pay and Overtime

Avg Wages (before SP & OT) - The Average Hourly Wage Rate 





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