QBO: Credits - Creating Credit and Automatically Apply Credits

With QBO integrated into MaidCentral, you have many options available that are managed from inside of QBO - One of those features is Credits and having QBO "Automatically Apply Credits" to invoices. This article outlines how to turn on this feature, and what it does!


MaidCentral users offer "credit" in many forms, Gift cards, refunds, pay ahead, and much more! Since Credit isn't directly built into MaidCentral, the qbo integration gives you the ability to apply credits to customers in their QBO accounts and then have QBO automatically apply those Credits to customer Invoices as they are created!

Add credit to a client 

Adding credit to a client is very easy through QBO! I will attach the steps below as well as a link to the QBO article for Adding Credits and refunds to a customer!

QBO Article

  1. Inside of your QuickBooks Dashboard - Click the Plus (+) icon and select Credit Memo     .>
  2. Choose the customer       
  3. Enter the Credit Memo Date
  4. Fill in the necessary information.
  5. Click Save and close.

Customers who have credit will show credit under the "Outstanding balance" in MaidCentral covered in brackets as seen below - This customer has 500$ of credit 

This credit will also appear as green, in brackets on the I&J


Applying Credits -

QBO "Automatically Apply credits" Setting -

This setting will decide if these credits are going to be automatically applied, or manually applied to invoices from QBO


Inside your QBO account, the "Automatically apply credits" setting can be turned on by clicking the  icon at the top right. then navigating to your "Account and Settings" > and Under the Advanced tab > you can click the pencil icon to edit, and turn "Automatically apply credits" to On (seen below)



In the Advanced section, you are looking for the "automatically apply credits" to be turned on!



Example of credits being automatically applied :


Seen below is the future invoice of a customer who has 500$ of credit inside of QBO and "Automatically apply credits" is on

The cost of the job was 222.00$ - since the system is automatically applying 500$ of credit to this customer's next invoices, the balance of the customer's next job is 0.00

After the invoice was created the credit adjusts inside of QBO and MaidCentral and the invoice is automatically marked as paid!


Video - 

How To video tutorial on how to ensure that feature is turned on.  

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