Scheduling -- Allowed Hours: Not Calculating Correctly

When making changes to teams, techs schedules, and job allowed hours the Allowed Labor Hours may not calculate/split correctly. 


Firstly please check that the Cleaning Technicians are assigned to the correct teams and have availability/are scheduled for that day

  1. Assigned team members

  2. Team member's availability 

  3. Check that all team members show on the job schedule under their team -- If they do not check their Tags and Skills tab at the Employee Level and make sure the Scheduled tag is checked.

Please Note -- If you try to schedule a job for a team member that isn't working at the time, it will default to the number of people on the team that are working during the scheduled times.  

If you check and confirm the above and the hours are still not calculating correctly please try one of the following to update them. Please Note -- A nightly process runs at midnight EST every night that updates all jobs 4 weeks out from the current day.

  1. Drag and drop the affected job to a different team or time slot
  2. Double click the job to open it, and hit save again
  3. If it is multiple jobs in one day, you can click the Adjust Team Size button in the top right, then choose Adjust jobs in the bottom of the pop up and that will adjust the whole day. 

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