How To Manually Add Tip after invociing


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If the need arises to manually enter a tip into your QBO account you can follow this article for steps on adding line items to Invoices

Knowing how to Edit invoices, and add line items is an important part of using QBO and managing Invoices. Sometimes a client wants to add more tips after an original tip or even clients want to add tips after jobs are invoiced. Following this article, you will add line items to an invoice, and apply additional pay to employees


Editing Invoice

Once an invoice is created, you can not edit that invoice inside of MaidCentral. All editing on invoices needs to be done through your QBO account from


Once logged into your QBO account you can search for the customer name or invoice number at the top right of QBO 


Once you have found the correct invoice, double-clicking will pull up the invoice in QBO 


From the invoice, you can delete or change most of the line items including the Product and service (Blue ), Rate (red), Totals for tips and Cleans (Green) or delete items like removing tips, or rate modifiers from the trashbin (purple).  After any changes are made you can "Save and Send" (black) and the edits will reflect in Maidcentral!







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