How to Add a Customer or Employee Note with a Reminder Date

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Action > Add Notes.  You can find this option for customer's and employees in MC.  The example below is for a customer account, but the same can be done for your employees too.

Customer's might need for you to call them back.  Or maybe, you want to remind yourself to give them a call to update their credit card on file, or follow up after a Scorecard.  Or set a reminder to wish them a Happy Anniversary with your company!  

Whatever the need might be, this video shows you how to create a note on a customer account and how to create a note with a reminder.

Once the date that you've set hits when setting a reminder date, a ticket will open on the dashboard reminding you of what to do next.  All notes will be stored on the customers or employees note section of their account.  When someone from your office has completed the task indicated in the ticket, they'll want to close the ticket, removing it from the dashboard and also storing to the notes section who, when, and what they did by adding notes and closing said ticket.


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