How to Setup, Adjust, and Manage your Online and Internal Availability Calendar

MaidCentral has availability calendar features that help you control what your internal quote (salesperson doing a quote) and external quote (online booking and sales) see as available to book. 

Availability Location

  • Availability is managed individually for each Scope Group that you have created inside of MaidCentral
  • Scope Groups are accessed under the Company Tab > Quoting and Scopes > Scopes of Work - Seen below are 2 scope groups (Residential Cleaning, and Commercial Cleaning)
  • Once Inside your Scope group, Going into the "Revenue and Goals" tab will get you to your Availability for that Scope group 

mceclip0.png> mceclip1.png > mceclip2.png

Once inside, there are 3 Ways to setup your Availability!



  • When setting your Availability to work off of revenue you have 1 Option - Hard set revenue goals for each individual day 
  • As seen below inputting hard capped revenue goals will set a Specific Revenue Goal for a day and once that Revenue has been met, the availability will become grey or Not available once that goal is met 




  • Hourly, works much like a Revenue, in the sense that it is a Hard Set number and you will remain available if that number is not met
  • You will still be available on each day when hard setting hours, even if you don't have enough technicians for the day - setting the hours puts an "Override" on each day that will leave you available until the pre-set "technician hours" are met


Intuitive - Based on Scheduled Employees 

  • By setting the Availability to " Hourly" and leaving the hours blank (as seen below), The system will give you a more "Intuitive" approach to availability
  • When Blank, The system will pull availability based on (Scheduled Technician Time) x (Average Efficiency Factor of ALL scopes attached to Scope Group)
  • After getting the Efficient Hours for Each technician, the system will add up all scheduled employees Efficient hours and you will have availability based on Scheduled Employees 

mceclip4.png mceclip5.png

EX:  on 1/17 - Joseph is scheduled for 9 hours - The average Efficiency factor of all my Scopes of work for "Residential Cleaning - Scope Group" is .7 - the system automatically does 9 x .7 = 6.3 or 6 hours and 19 min of "Effective Cleaning Time Per day"



Not Scheduled Jobs

  • You have the option to exclude jobs in the Not Scheduled Team from counting towards availability by enabling the Availability: Don't Count Not Scheduled Jobs feature. This feature is located in the Company tab > General > Features. 




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