Lost/Cancelled Customers and where to find them

There are 2 places to see a list of lost customers, or canceled service sets


Sales KPI -

  • Under the company Tab > Sales KPI, you can populate a specific date range and use the Data Drilldown to search customers with a Lost status. 


Canceled Services Report - 

  • Found under the Reports > All Reports - The Cancelled Services report has 3 tabs to show canceled service set information: Summary by Cancellation Reason, Summary by Default Team, and all Service Set Data. It can be filtered by Scope Group, Team, Zone, Satellite Offices, Frequency, and Customer Source. The Cancellation Reason tab also shows how long a customer received services before canceling.
  • After choosing a date range and any filtering you would like this report will populate multiple lists with the information of your canceled clientele 



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