How to Set Up your Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy

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On the evening of Thursday January 30, 2020 we pushed out a build that included new Paid Time Off (PTO) policy options.


The two options include X # of hours every year on your anniversary date and X # of hours of PTO per hour you work. Features added included the option to allow for your team members to request partial days off, request multiple days off at the same time, and other settings surrounding if they have to use PTO before they can us unpaid time off, as well as weather they can carry any PTO over.


When it comes to setting the years with your Values ​some examples would be: 0-1 would mean that from my Hire Date (the first day of work) through my 1 year anniversary date I earn PTO Hours Accrued per Hour for an hourly plan. OR X # of PTO Hours Accrued per Year. 1-2 would mean on the anniversary date of my first year through the anniversary date of my second year I'd earn X hours of PTO per hour or per year.


Please Note: For Partial Day Off to be available for your techs, you must change the Smallest PTO Increment hours to something less than your Hours in "Day" Setting. 


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