How to Upload a Video and Insert as a Link Into a Template (Video)

We created note fields that are now the same field in all areas where you send individual emails, texts and create notes. This provides the same looks, feel and functionality everywhere you can send emails or enter notes within MaidCentral. This includes the ability to attach a video as a link to a template or to Home Information sections of the Worksheet. 

PLEASE NOTE: Videos typically cannot be embedded into emails as a large part of email servers do not accept videos. If you are interested in how to email videos, check out this article. Our recommendation within MaidCentral is to use an image or thumbnail from your video and then use a hyperlink to link that image directly to the video. 

Follow along as we upload a video from our computer, insert it as a link directly into a template, or add it as a clickable link to an image inside of a template.




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