MaidCentral Rotational Deep Clean (Video)

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How does Rotational Deep Clean work in MaidCentral? Rotational Deep Clean is a Scope of Work that gives you an automated way of setting a deep clean rotation for deep cleaning 1 Dry, 1 Wet, and 1 Other room each job. The system allows for you to update all rooms on the Room Master to rotating with the click of a button.



The system also keeps track of the date each room had it’s Last Deep Clean. From job to job, the system will automatically show the cleaning professionals on their work sheet in RED which Dry, Wet, and Other room they’ll be deep cleaning that day. All rooms must be set to Rotating in order for the system to know which room to switch to in accordance with the last deep clean for the other Dry, Wet, and Other rooms in the home. The Last Deep Clean date cannot be edited. It automatically updates in conjunction with the customers recurring frequency from job to job.  


PLEASE NOTE:  The Rooms are rotated after the job is invoiced.  When you look at the job worksheet, you'll see the last deep clean date for the date of the last invoice and the next oldest date will then be highlighted.  EX. Invoiced on 04/26/2022 -- Red Rooms are now set to the oldest date of their last deep clean.  (02/15/2022, 03/15/2022 and 03/29/2022)





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