Editing Scorecard Email and Text Templates

Features - 
Personalize your Scorecard email by adding your cleaning professionals pictures and a bio to MaidCentral. Watch as your scorecard feedback increase and your technicians tips go up as well!

All email/text templates can be found under your Company Tab > Templates


Email -

The email scorecard template is titled "Scorecard - Scorecard"



Once inside the template you can change the text, add or change images. you can even add Fields such as ##Technician Table## which will show your employees pictures, names and Bio on your scorecards! 




Text - 

The Text Scorecard template is titled "Scorecard (text) - Scorecard this can be edited by 

- text scorecards are much more limited then email scorecards, due to the way SMS works for EX: Employee pictures can not be sent over a text scorecard






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