How to: Clock in as Office Staff

Office Employee Time Tracking - 
Follow along as we demonstrate the full process of setting up a new office team member, using the Kiosk for clocking in and out as an  office team member for your company.

There are 2 main ways to clock in as an office employee


1- Using the Technician dashboard

- If the Office staff is scheduled to work on the day inside of MaidCentral (as seen below)



They can go into the Dashboard > Technician Dashboard

mceclip1.png > And clock in just as a normal technician would! 




2nd option for clocking on office staff is Using the Kiosk Dashboard

***There are 2 kiosk dashboards***

The 1st "Kiosk Dashboard" is found under the Reports Tab > Kiosk Dashboard - This is not the correct Kiosk dashboard

       *** This is not the Clock in Kiosk and you can not clock in from here***




In order to access your Kiosk Clock you must go to the kiosk via a direct website link

EX: is our test sight, and the Kiosk will be accessible through (your Website URL) + /kiosk


Ex : To access my office kiosk I will need to navigate to


Once logged in The below page will pop up where I can enter my employee number and clock in/out daily






Here is also a Video on. How To on setting up an office staff member in Maid Central. It walks you through creating a new employee, setting the proper user account and tags, using the Kiosk Dashboard to clock in and out, and what their hourly pay will look like on the payroll summary.



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