Blackout Days : Employee and Customer

‚ÄčThere are two types of Blackout Days within MaidCentral. One being Customer Facing for the Quoting Tool and one being internal for Employee availability/requesting off.

Quoting Tool Blackout Days

Setting a blackout day at the Scope Group level will prevent a customer from booking through your online quoting tool on that day. You can set a blackout day by zeroing out your revenue or available hours. 

How to:

  • Within your MaidCentral instance go to Company > Other > Quoting and Scopes
  • Choose Scopes of Work on the left and then click the Scope Group you wish to black out, not the specific scope of work
  • Once in that Scope Group choose Revenue and Goals on the left
  • From this page you can blackout whole days by putting a zero in the day slot, or you can blackout specific days by clicking in the WHITE space on that day and putting a zero in




Employee Blackout Days

Setting day(s) as Blackout will indicate to the employee when they are looking at their calendar which days are blacked out. A blackout day should be explained to employees to mean those are days they cannot request time off. The system does not stop them from being able to request that day off; since all time off request must be approved or denied by an office member.

How to:

  • Within your MaidCentral instance go to Employee > Schedule Availability
  • On the Schedule Availability page choose Blackout Dates
  • Mark whatever days you want to be blacked out


How the days will look on Employees attendance tabs once blacked out


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