Troubleshooting -- Why am I Getting a Message - Internal Server Error When Trying to Connect a New Customer to QBO?

Troubleshooting - 
When connecting a new customer/client to your Quickbooks Online account (QBO) you will receive an error message if, the customer's first or last name has an apostrophe. A customer with the same 1st and Last Name already exists, or if the customer's email address in Maid Central is invalid.


To remove the apostrophe from their name and make the connection to QBO, click the edit pencil in the orange box where the customer's name is on the upper left hand side of the page. Remove the apostrophe and save. Refresh the page, and click the green connect to QuickBooks button.


To correct a customer's email address in Maid Central, from the Customer Level of their account, click on the Contacts tab.  Edit their email to be valid (EX. invalid email is missing the .com at the end of the address)  Once you've corrected their email, save contact info.  Refresh the page, and click the green connect to QuickBooks button.


QuickBooks will not allow you to have 2 customers with the same name, If 2 of your clients have the same name, then separating them by a Middle Name/ A,B,C/ Or anything that makes the names just 1 characters difference

-Seen below Since there is already a "Polly pocket" that exists in my QBO, I can not create a second without some unique identifier for QBO to differentiate the 2 Polly pockets


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