How to Skip/Bump/Move a Job



The term Move in MaidCentral means the request came from the customer to move a job. "Customer needs to change the job date".


A skip is used in Maid Central when a customer requests to not have us clean their home on the date that it is scheduled for. 

If the customer has plans to call back and re-schedule that job with you, we recommend setting a reminder after you've skipped the job, so you don't forget to follow up if they haven't called back yet.

To set a Reminder - From the Customer's Account Click Action Add Note Note Remind Me On set a date Add a Note Click Save.

Bump -

 The term Bump in Maid Central describes a job that the company needs to change the job date. "We need to move the job."

This could be due to any internal conflict that does not allow you to complete the job on the date it was assigned. Examples include too many jobs, not enough team members; technician callouts; other jobs for the day requiring more time making your technician(s) unable to make it to another job; car trouble/accident; bad weather. etc.


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