Troubleshooting -- How to Fix When a Customer's Map Pin Location is Incorrect on my Efficiency Maps

Troubleshooting - 
New Partners to MaidCentral might find after importing their customers that some pins are in the wrong location on their efficiency maps.  Here are a couple of different ways to fix this.


In MaidCentral, we pull all of our maps and location information from Google Maps. Sometimes when a new subdivision is built, or an address just hasn't been updated by Google in a while, you might see incorrect map pins on your efficiency maps.

Home Level

From the Home Level of the Customer's account, click the Update Home on Map button on the lower right-hand side of the page.

If the above step has not fixed the issue The next step should!

Customer Efficiency Map

If not the next step would be to go to Reports > Customer Reports >Customer Efficiency Map. In the upper right-hand corner click Update Lat/Lng. PLEASE NOTE this will take a few minutes to process due to the amount of data. Please be patient as it verifies and updates all of your customer's latitude and longitude statistics.


If neither of these solutions worked, please open a ticket so support can refresh your google API!

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