Troubleshooting Billing Terms Setting

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Below are two separate Q&A's about Billing Terms Settings.

Question: Can I change a persons billing terms after the cleaning is completed but before the invoice is created and it be in effect for the cleanings waiting to be invoiced?

Answer: Correct, what ever the billing terms is set to before you click Create Invoices, that will be the billing terms associated with that job.

Question: When picking billing terms, if most our clients pay by check AFTER the invoice is created (so I won't have them in my hand) would I still select "Check" as their billing term?

Answer: Yes, you would still select check for their billing terms. After you click create invoices for that day, if the check payment isn't posted, it will move to the Open Invoices report. You can then post the check payment from there by clicking the Invoice ID #.

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