Agreement Terms & Example Terms

Customer Agreement Terms:
Agreement Terms are generated by the system when a customer is booked through the quoting tool. 

The Agreements tab at the customer level is going to show you if the customer clicked on the Confirm Service Now button in their new service email. This is also where an Agreement can be resent to a customer who was booked through the quoting tool, but never clicked the Confirm Service Now button.  

Your Agreement Terms can be set up, and managed under the Company Tab > Quoting and Scopes > Scopes of Work > Click Scope Group in bold, and add to the Agreement Terms section near the bottom of the page.

Setting Up Agreement Terms:

Note: If the customer was not originally quoted and booked through MaidCentral using the quoting tool, then the system will not know this customer needs to have an agreement sent to them, and there will be no way to generate an agreement unless you requote them through the MaidCentral Quoting tool.


For information on tracking who has and has not signed their agreement please see the below article!


Example Service Agreement Terms:

MC Cleaners is a locally-owned and -operated business. Our employees are fully bonded and insured. We pay all federal, state, Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes.

Specifications: Please refer to the Services Comparison Chart to ensure you understand exactly what areas will be cleaned in your home. If what you want isn’t listed, you must discuss “special requests” with the phone estimator before service begins as there may be a price adjustment.

Payment: Payment is due at time of service. Checks, cash, and major credit cards are accepted. Appointments are only guaranteed with a credit card. If a check or cash is not presented at time of service your credit card will be charged.

Quote: Prices and hours are based on your accurate description of the condition of your home. If we find the condition is not consistent with your description, we will call you and ask for a time adjustment and price increase. If we cannot reach you and you have not pre-approved additional time, we will only stay the amount of time you paid for, and quality will be compromised.

Scheduling and cancellations: MC Cleaners tries hard to accommodate your scheduling needs. Please call the office to make any changes. If you contact us to cancel less than 24 hours in advance or if we are unable to access your home, MC Cleaners will charge a $50 non-refundable fee to your card to cover a portion of our expenses.

Access: Please ensure that our staff has access to your castle. We will provide you with a time range of when to expect us. Our time starts when we arrive to clean. If we have to wait on someone to unlock the door, there will be less time available to clean the house.

Equipment and supplies: MC Cleaners provides all cleaning equipment and supplies. Due to OSHA regulations, we are unable to use any cleaning supplies but our own without a signed liability statement.

Appliances, furniture, boxes, and miscellany: We do not move furniture, refrigerators, stoves or washers/dryers to clean under and behind them, even if they are on wheels.

Trash: We do not move large amounts of trash. We will place up to two kitchen-sized garbage bags of trash in the curbside container, but there is an extra charge for larger amounts of trash.

Disclaimer: MC Cleaners is not responsible for breakage due to normal wear and tear; deterioration caused by age; or damage caused by improper assembly, construction or mounting of an item.

Other service providers: For the safety of our associates, the security of your home and the quality of our service, we request that there be no other service providers (movers, carpet cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, etc.) in the home when we arrive to clean. If other service providers are present, we will do our best to work around them, but too many interruptions in our cleaning procedure may prevent us from completing the job in the amount of time estimated. More time may be available for purchase, or we may need to adjust what tasks we can accomplish to compensate for a lack of time. We cannot guarantee the quality of our work if other service providers are present, and we will not re-clean when a service provider comes in after us to do work.

Parking: If parking is not available in your driveway, please notify MC Cleaners of a convenient place to park near your castle. There may be an extra charge for metered parking.

Health: For health reasons, our staff will not handle any type of animal or human waste.

Our associates: By accepting our service, you agree to neither solicit, directly or indirectly, nor hire any current or former Castle Keepers associate, who has provided service to your home without compensation to Castle Keepers for its loss, and the expressed written consent of Castle Keepers.

Guarantee: Ideally, we would appreciate it if you or your representative could walk through the house with us toward the end of the cleaning. Our service is guaranteed and we appreciate the opportunity to re-clean the unsatisfactory areas if you are not satisfied, but we cannot return to re-clean if we are not notified within 24 hours of the cleaning. Because of the subjective nature of cleaning, refunds are not available.


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