Recurring Discounts

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There are two ways to establish a recurring discount. 


Option One Brief:
Dashboard Customer Click Home Address Select Proper  Service Set Rate Log  Update Base Fee Enter discounted price with note of discount

Option Two Brief:
Dashboard Customer Click Home Address Select Proper  Service Set Rate Log Rate Modification Create Rate Modification Select Recurring Select Other Enter discount amount as a negative number Create

Option One and Two are both the same initial steps, below is how to start them both, once to the part it changes, we will let you know in the instructions and you can decide which way fits your needs better.

Step One:
From the dashboard, search your customer's name.

Step Two:
Click their name and you will see their profile.

Step Three:
Click their address.

Step Four:
Select the proper service set.

Step Five: (And FINAL step before you will decide which option is best for you)
Select "Rate Log"

Here is where it starts to become different, please skip down to "Option Two" down below if that is your preferred method.

Option One:
Step Six:
Click "Update Base Fee"

Step Six:
Enter in base fee amount (This will be the price AFTER discount)

Step Seven:
Make notes in the note box about the discount, so others know why the rate is lower.

Step Eight:
Create Rate Log

Option Two:
Step Six:
Click "Create Rate Modification"

Step Seven:
Select Recurring from frequency drop down menu.

Step Eight:
Select Add on is "Other"

Step Nine:
Allowed Minutes is "0"

Step Ten:
Check the "Invoiced" box.

Step Eleven:
Select the "Amount" and then add the"Description".

Step Twelve:
Create Rate Modification


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