Skip Fees and Lockout Fees: Setup

Skip and lockout fees are a great way to stop clients from canceling within specific windows. Both skip and lockout fees can be set up to be automatically added within a specific window and either take a % of the base rate or apply a direct fee.



Skip and Lockout fees can be created and managed under the Quoting and Scopes > Scopes of Work tab > select scope of work > Rates and Fees tab.

Skip and lockout fees are specific to the Scope of Work they are set up under. Once inside the scopes of work and Rates and Fees tab, you will see the below options



Calculation method

  • Percentage: 
    • This will charge a % Of the original rate of the job as a fee to the client
      • EX: Base rate of job $200 - Splt fee of 25%
        • The client will be charged a $50 skip fee
  • Flat Amount:
    • This will charge the same flat fee for every Skip+Lockout fee that is applied
      • EX: $50 fee for every lockout

Skip Window

  • This is the window in which a skip fee is to be applied.
    • Ex: If you skip within 48 hours of your job start time, you get a skip fee
      • Skip fee window = 48

Technician Split

  • This field will allow you to create additional pays automatically when skipping/locking out jobs if you split that fee with the technician
  • As seen below when skipping the job a new modal will appear prompting you to create the additional pay split for the employees.


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    Ruth Rugaber

    This looks like a great enhancement -- would we be able to override the calculated additional pay amount?


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