SendGrid Setup

When setting up your Send Grid account, you will first need to create your account with them.  They will have you verify your account. Once that is set up, you will need to paste the API key into the integrations section on MC: Company Tab > General > Integrations tab.

On the Send Grid website, they will ask you for your DNS so that you can install your DNS record.  For this step, we recommend that you contact your domain provider, email provider or ask Send Grid to get help with that piece of the set up. This is not a required step for integration with Send Grid, but we recommend verifying your domain to improve email delivery.  If you don't set this up your emails are more likely going to go to client's spam inboxes.

Here is a more detailed step - by step to setting up Send Grid:

  1. Create a new SendGrid account or login to an existing account.

  2. Go to Settings - API Keys and click Create API Key API Key Name: Maid Central API Key Permissions: Full Access Click Create & View Copy and Store the API Key

  3. Login to Maid Central and navigate to Company - General and click the Integrations tab.

  4. Paste the API Key into SendGrid Settings API Key

  5. Setup Domain Authentication by navigating to Settings - Sender Authentication - Domain Authentication.  Click Learn more from this page to view a setup guide.


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