Pay Structures : Paying Employees and Paying Employees for Different Service Set/Team Types

Setup - 
Employee Pay is setup under the Employee Profile > Information Tab > Pay and Tax Info


Once you've Created and setup a cleaning professional, you'll be ready to setup their pay!

All pay in MaidCentral for Technicians is set up, per service set, per team type. This allows you to pay differently based on what your technician is doing! Whether they are a captain on one job and solo on the next, or captain and training on their first job, and a regular team member on the next, MaidCentral allows you to build pay structures to suite your needs as a business!


 There are 5 different types of pay

  •  Solo Pay : This pay will automatically apply to jobs that the technician is assigned as a "Team Member" and works on the Job "solo" or with no Teammates 
  • Captain Pay: This pay structure will apply for anybody whos assigned as a "Captain" on the job
  • Teammate Pay: This pay will apply to any jobs that 2 or more technicians are on together and the Employee is assigned as a "Team Member"
  • Travel Pay: This pay will apply to any and all employees based on the time they are Clocked in for the day, but not checked into a job
  • Trainee Pay: This pay is Not setup under the employee profile, Trainee Pay will pull from the "Trainee Hourly Wage" that is set under the  Company Tab > General > Payroll options - "trainee hourly wage". Trainee pay will apply to anybody who is assigned as a "Trainee" 



** As of April 28th a New build allows you to Bulk update Employee Pay!

From the Employee Profile > Pay and Tax Info, You can click the blue arrow and Bulk update all pay! >

Seen below is a fully built out pay structure for an employee.



Here is a video on setting up pay types for employees as well!





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