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There are multiple ways for customers to tip your cleaning professionals, this article will outline the multiple ways of how to add and manage tips!

Please Note ***

  • All of these will work before payroll is closed. Once payroll is closed, the access to add a tip to a closed job will not be available through MaidCentral.
  • If a tip is left after an invoice is created, you will need to Record the tip in QBO. (All Invoices are created in QBO) and process the amount of the tip directly in your credit card processor in order to collect those additional funds from the customer,  Finally, to ensure your technicians are paid for those tips earned, you'll add the additional pay items in MC to the technician(s) who worked the job.  Company > Invoicing & Payroll > All Reports > Additional Pay.


Customers can tip their cleaning technicians directly from automated scorecards as long as a few conditions are met!


  • Customers Billing Terms Must be Set to Credit Card
  • Customers Must have the "Scorecard Notification"

Once all the above conditions are met the "send tip to cleaners" option will appear on the customers scorecard

Customer Portal

Customers can tip cleaners directly from invoices, inside their customer portal as long as a few conditions are met

  • Customers Billing Terms Must be Set to Credit Card
  • Invoice must be created, but not paid (invoice balance can not be 0.00) - If an invoice is created and the card is charged, there will not be a tip option on the customer portal invoice

Your customer can tip on their portal by Viewing the open invoice


Once all the above conditions are met, the customer will see the below prompt on their invoice


Some Customers , prefer to setup recurring tips that way they know the cleaner is getting their tip and they arent having to manually do anything like adding it through scorecards or their customer portal. MaidCentral allows this with minimal to no restrictions

  • PLEASE NOTE -- If a customer is set up with the Batch Invoice Billing Terms and ALSO has a Recurring Tip set up, you will have to manually add the Tips as Additional Pay for each date/job that was part of that Batch of Invoices.

A Recurring Tip is setup from inside the Customer profile 






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