GPS Tracking and Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting - 
GPS (Global Positioning System) is to track a device's movements and determine its location.

When looking at the Daily Timeclocks and Job clocks through Employee Tab > Daily Timeclocks, if the employee's device has GPS tracking, and location services turned on, you can see inside of MC where the employees were when they punched in and out. By clicking the Green Pin next to their clocks, MaidCentral will pull up a window that shows Locations and drop pins on a map for you to see!



Upon clicking on the pin, the map will show clear markets for where the Customers home is, where the Technician Checked in and Out


GPS can also reference to how to get to my next house. We use Google Maps and from the click of the button from the house on the technician dashboard, the directions to the customer's house will appear inside of Google Maps taking you from your current location to their house.


Errors and Key to Timeclock Flags:

Technicians who do not have GPS features enabled will receive the below error when clocking in. We can not require GPS and the settings must be enabled on a per phone basis.


On the Employee Timeclocks page, Jobs tab You will see 2 new icons

1) If there was an error when getting the location, a red ban (seen below) will apear 

2) if the Check In / Out location was more than 600 ft from the Customer's Home a red flag will now appear (seen below)




Enabling GPS Tracking on your Phone


GPS tracking is going to be managed on the technicians or employees individual Device and will be different based on the Manufacture - year, and UI that the phone has - Below are some articles for managing location services on Phones!





GPS data is based on a variety of things from Google Maps and Device Settings. Sometimes a Employees Position, may not be pin point accurate. If your employees positions or GPS data is off, below are some following steps you can take to troubleshoot!

1) Slow, or Poor Connection will cause GPS, and location data to be improper or unable to load. Restarting phone or connecting to a more reliable Wifi/Network will help with the accuracy of location services.

2) Bad or Old Cache data, sometimes Google Maps won’t function due to its cache and system files. The Maps app stores certain temporary data on the device - Here is a great article on Clearing your cache

3) Devices that are out of date will often experience issues with GPS, and location services potentially causing that device to not report its location or be unable to due to updates being required.

4) If you do not see a pin at all then Location Services are not enabled on that technicians device. Please Note: MaidCentral cannot force a device to enable Location Services. This is something that must be enabled on the device itself. 

- How to enable Location Services for the MaidCentral Webapp


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