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Below are some FAQs that we receive about setting up and using the PTO Policy in MaidCentral.  PLEASE NOTE the employees default policy must be set to the correct plan you've created from their Employee Account > Pay & Tax Info tab.  Also, PTO doesn't get added to employees until after close out the week in MaidCentral.


What are the PTO policy options in MaidCentral?


Maid Central offers two PTO policy options. Yearly and Hourly.

Yearly – I get X amount of hours during this year range on my hire anniversary date.
Hourly – I get X amount of hours for X amount of hours worked. You have to do the math for how many hours of PTO that is for each hour worked. EX. 1/35 =.02857 Hour of PTO accrued for each hour work. So you would use .02857.

How do the Policy Values work for a Yearly vs. Hourly plan?

Yearly PTO is accrued on the employee's anniversary of their hire date each year. Hourly PTO will accrue X hours of PTO for each hour the employee works for a pay period. You earn PTO on all day clock hours. We use their day clock hours to determine hours worked in a pay period. PTO will be accrued the same night a pay period is closed. If pay periods are not closed PTO will never be accrued (this applied to hourly only).

The values for PTO are based on anniversary date. Using a start value of 0 will start on their hire date and and end value of 0 will end the day before their 1 year anniversary.

When does the Maximum PTO Carry Over setting go into affect?

This is based on the employees anniversary of their hire date. On their anniversary date their PTO will be reset to the Maximum PTO Carry Over or their current PTO hours, whichever is less. EX if my Maximum PTO Carry Over is set to 0, the policy will set the employees PTO to 0 on the anniversary of their hire date.

What do Starting on First Day of Year, Ending on last day of year values of 0 and 0 mean?


Vales of 0-0 years would be from the employee's hire date until there 1 year anniversary date.

What does the Waiting Period do?

The Waiting Period is the date the employee can start using any PTO they've accrued.  For example, if you are using the hourly payroll policy, they've been accumulated PTO time every time you close out the week.  Once the Waiting Period you have set ends, the employee can then begin using any of that accumulated PTO time.  If you do not want your employee to begin earning PTO from their hire date, you can use a blank policy until it's time for them to begin accruing and change their PTO policy type. 

Can I set a annual cap on PTO earned?

Yes, you can for the Hourly Policy.  Maximum PTO accrued (each year) and Maximum Sick Accrued (each year) can both be set.

Is it possible for me to manually change an employees available PTO?

Yes, from the employee's account, Information Tab click Pay & Tax Info. Click Update PTO Hours. Enter the appropriate PTO hours for the employee and even add a reason why you manually changed their hours.

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