How To Clock in and out Using Your Employee ID Number From the Kiosk Dashboard URL (Video)

How To - 
Follow along with this How To Video that demonstrates how to use the kiosk dashboard. The Kiosk Dashboard is a URL that gives you access to clock in/out using your employee ID number. 

This is great for your hourly paid office employees and your cleaning professionals who have a computer station set up in the office they can use to clock in and out. It is also the link any office employees who need to clock in and out should use. Find the Employee ID# -- Go to Employees Search Employees. Click on the Employees name. In the upper right hand corner of their employee account page.


PLEASE NOTE: You must log into the Kiosk Dashboard using your Kiosk Account. You CANNOT log into the Kiosk Dashboard with your normal account. It will not work properly. 

  • Go to Company > General > Kiosk Account
  • Once there you will see the Service Company ID: 'x' - This is your Kiosk Account Username
  • Set a password from this page as well that will be used to log in 
  • Once this is done you can go to the Kiosk Dashboard using your MaidCentral Link with the /kiosk at the end. Log in with the Service Company ID and the Set Password. Then use your Employee ID to clock in/out

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