Steps before Clicking the Create Invoice button

Create Invoice - 
When creating invoices by clicking a button in Maid Central, this article will walk you through the workflow you will want to follow each day to ensure your data is correct in advance.

1. Check your Employee Schedule. This is required to ensure that each cleaning technician punched in and out for the day.

2. Check your Team Monitor. This is required to ensure that each job on the schedule for that day is in Completed status.


3. Review your Invoicing & Job Records report. You want to do a cursory check over the time punches, bill rates, and the payroll for each technician making sure the information looks accurate.

4. Once you have ensured all day clock, job clock, tip, and bill rates are all correct, you are good to run invoices through the  "Create Invoices and Charge jobs.


The 4th step tells QBO to create the invoice, QBO checks with your merchant account provider (Stripe or Authorize.Net) to verify the funds to cover the customer’s bill rate are available on their credit card. Stripe or Authorize.Net will then indicate if the payment is approved and the invoice in QBO will get marked as paid. This step may take some time to complete as there are multiple API calls back and forth to 3 APIs 

Please Note! - If you select the "create invoices and charge cards" multiple times, there is a high chance your CC processor will charge the selected cards more than once!



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