Viewing and Understanding Timeclock Edits

Job Time - 
On the Invoicing and Jobs Report, Daily Timeclocks tab you may see that one or more of your employees have a yellow clock next to their name. This article outlines what these mean and How to interpret these data

Yellow Clock:

Any employee who has a yellow clock means that the employee's time was manually changed by someone in the office or somebody with the user role of Officeor above.  The office team member could have manually changed the job time on their own, or they could have approved a time change request that came in from the technician at the job. Hovering over the yellow timeclock will display a list of changes, and the user who made those changes

Interpreting Edits:

In order to help break down the information, below is an example of how to interpret the edits

On 6/1/2023 at 2:47 - Alejandro Williams clocked himself in

On 6/1/2023 at 2:48 Alvin Gehring Added allejando's Time out to be 5:00 PM, no changes were made to the Time in

On 6/1/2023 on the same minute - Alvin Gehring changed Allejandro's timeclock "Out" time to be 5:01 from 5:00


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