Dashboard Report - Spotlight Dashboard

The Spotlight Dashboard is available for you to see you Actual and goals for the previous quarter, current quarter and next quarter. Use the Edit Goals option to create your quarterly goals.


The rows include the following:


Revenue -- Actual and Goal. Compare how much Actual revenue you've made vs. the Goals you've set. Compare previous quarter to current to next quarter.


Efficiency Factor -- Offers a clickable blue link for an Actual percentage. The Employee Time Records can be viewed By Employee By Date & Employee or By Date. You can also Search from this tab, and export to Excel. Efficiency is calculated by taking Job Hours divided by Clock Hours.


Rev/Job Hr -- Actual and Goal numbers are your total revenue divided by the total job hours.


Recurring Service Sets -- Actual and Goal total Service Sets. (Every Week, Every Two Weeks, Every Three Weeks and Every Four Weeks recurring frequencies)


Scorecard -- Is your Average Score. EX. Scorecards are ranked on the following scale: 4 = 100% 3 = 75% 2 = 50% 1 = 25% and 0 = 0%. If I have 4 4s and 3 3s I have 7 total scorecards returned. My AVG % would then be calculated by taking 4 * 1 = 4 and 3 * .75 = 2.25. Add 4 + 2.25 and my total is 6.25 divided by 7 total scorecards returned gives me a Scorecard % of 89.29%.


Rev/Job -- Actual and Goal Total Revenue divided by Total Jobs.


Customer Attrition -- Is measured for a given period (EX. Previous Quarter Actual and Goal) by dividing the number of customers your company had at the beginning of the period by the number of customers at the end of the period. Below is how this is calculated. 

For the given time frame (Period) we do the following calculation:

Recurring Lost Customer / (Recurring Customer Count Start of Period + Recurring Customer Count at End of Period) / 2 * (Average Days Per Month / Total Days in Period)

*Average Days Per Month = 365 / 12

Recurring Customers: More than 6 Pending future jobs and Included in the Kiosk Dashboard

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