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Please note that the below article serves as an outline of some of the differences between satellite offices and Branches in Maidcentral. It is vital that you and your office decide which option best suits your and your business needs and we here at MaidCentral will do our best to assist you in the process of choosing and setup

Satellite Offices:


  • No Charges Attached to the monthly billing cycle to setup and use satellite offices
  • Allow you to have a shared pool of employees that can overlap which office they serve
  • Shared Templates
  • Shared Customers
  • Shared Leads/Quote Iframe
  • Shared Quoting Tool
  • Combined Reporting
    • Separating can only be done by creating different scope groups/scopes of work
  • Everything is in 1 location, with no separation of the 2 offices other than the choice to create separate scopes which then gives you the ability to separate those scopes of work off of reports.

Ex of Satelite office - Both offices will show on the job schedule, with the option to hide one or the other. However, all reporting will show up as 1 singular branch or business.


  • 250$ Branch fee (monthly) + an initial setup fee
  • Employees are separate, and the 2 companies are different entities, held under the same URL 
  • Different Job Schedule
  • Separated Reporting 
  • Separate Templates
  • Separate leads/quote iframes
  • Separate Quoting tools
  • Everything under the partner settings is shared between branches Including PTO Policies, skills, and tags as well
  • Everything is separated into 2 different websites, that are “attached” and accessible to each other, things are not shared but there are reports that will show both branches in 

EX: Of Reports split by branch, McCleaners is 1 branch and Support Maids is the other, the revenue and reporting will be separated.

I have 2 office branches in the same state, employees will start from the branch that is closest to them and I want all my employees in one place

  • A satellite office is what you are looking for


I have 2 Offices, one in New York and one in California, The employees are separate and I run them as 2 separate entities under the same name.

  • Branches s the best option for you as you are wanting the 2 offices separate.

My 2 businesses have the same name, and some of the employees float between the 2 branches. However, I advertise one branch differently than the other and need all my reporting to be separate as they are their own entities

  • Either of the above options will work, given some workarounds. Either the employees will need to be created in both branches if using branch options. Or if using satellite offices, you will need to create separate scope groups, for each branch so you can separate reporting through the kiosk settings


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