Tracking and Managing Service Agreements

Service Agreements are an integrated part of the quoting tool, these agreements make sure you and your customers are on the same page when it comes to servicing their homes. In the article below, we will highlight a great way to see who has, and who hasn't signed their agreements.


For information on how to manage, edit, or set up your agreement terms, please visit the below article


Search Leads and Quotes:

Within the Customer Tab > Search Leads/Quotes, on the right side there is an "agree" column, this will allow you to easily track and see who has been sent, or agreed to the terms of service that are attached to their booked quotes!



Currently, the only way to track who has and has not signed an agreement is through a Lead Campaign

Under your Company Tab > Campaigns, running a Lead Campaign will get you the proper information

*** in order for a customer to get an agreement they need to be quoted therefore all customers who can receive an agreement, have to have been a lead.


You will want to run a campaign for "Booked" Clients, as seen below



Once your campaign has populated, Clicking the > mceclip3.png button will allow you to turn on "agree" letting you see which clientele have or have not agreed to their terms

mceclip4.pngSeen to the right, is what will show under the "Agree Collumn"mceclip5.png

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