Core KPI's - Where to Find Them

Bill Per Cleaning -

  • Otherwise known as Average Bill Rate, this statistic can be found under the Company > Stats by Week report. In the Data section, this will give you an Avg. bill rate for each closed payroll


  • To get an average for a longer period of time you can do this using the Job Counts by Date and Status. Select the desired date range, and divide the Closed/Completed revenue by the Close/Completed number of jobs. Screenshot_2023-04-07_at_12.37.48_PM.png


Quotes Per Week -

  • Quote Count can be found in several places in Maid Central. The 2 main ones are Company > Stats by Week in the Data section, and the second is Reports > Sales KPI



Close Rate-

  • Close Rate is calculated by taking Total Sales / Total Leads. This stat does not exist as a singular unit inside of MaidCentral but there is a place to easily get Total Sales and Total Leads so we can do the calculation
  • Total Sales - Can be found on the Sales KPI or the Stats by Week mceclip3.png
  • Total Leads - Can also be found on Both the Sales KPI and the Stats by Weekmceclip4.png
  • For the above example, our Close Rate for this month would be  3 (sales) / 5 (leads) = .6 or 60% Close Rate 


Cleanings Per Month Per Home-

  • This is another Core KPI that is not directly inside of MaidCentral and we will have to do some base math to get this stat. To get this stat we will need to take the  # of cleanings in the month / total # of  active homes 
  • Total # Of Homes can be found in the Customer Count report located under Reports > All Reportsmceclip5.png
  • Total # of Cleans in a month can be found using the Job Count by Date and Status Report located under Reports > All Reports. After selecting the Appropriate Date Range, it will tell you the total number of jobs in that date range


  • In this example, our Cleanings per Home per month would be = 391/156 = 2.51 cleanings per home per month
  • Another option is to use the Reports>All Reports>Service Set Tracker, take the J/W (Jobs per week), and multiply by 4.33 to get total planned visits per month at a point of time and divide by the customer count at that time using the customer count on Stats by Week. 


Daily Revenue Per Technician

  • Total Revenue/ Days Worked
  • The best place to find this for a weekly average is using Stats By Week and divide the Revenue for that week by the total Worked days. 
    • For a longer period of time it is best to use Company>All Reports>Invoice Details, Show advanced filter and set Invoice Status to "All". Change the date range and use the total revenue at the top
    • Then go to Reports>Employee Stats for the same date range, include terminated employees and get the "Days Worked" column total. 
    • Now divide the total revenue from the Invoice Details by the total Days Worked on the Employee Stats report. 


Total Homes

  • Total # Of Homes can be found on the Customer Count report located under Reports > All Reportsmceclip5.png
  • The Customer Count Report contains 2 different Home Totals, one for Active Counts by Frequency and one for Recurring Countsmceclip7.png


Direct Payroll to Revenue % -

  • Payroll to Revenue % is a field that is populated on the Stats by Week report -


  • Payroll is calculated from the following >



Attrition Rate Per Month-

  • Stats by Week shows snapshots of the customer count during each closed week. Use the total customers for the beginning of the month you are calculating attrition. 
  • Next, open the cancelled services report (Reports>All Reports>Cancelled Services), change the date range to the month you are calculating. 
  • Finally, use that total cancelled divided by the total customers at the beginning of the month to calculate customer attrition per month. 


Skip cleanings Per Month-

  • Total number of Skipped Jobs for a time frame can be found in the Job Count by Date and Status Report found under Reports > All Report
  • After choosing the date range and available service sets, this report will populate the total skipped jobs/lockout jobs/canceled and much more!



Daily Absentee Rate-

  • The absentee rate is calculated as follows: (number of absences) / (number of workdays) 
  • You’ll need to calculate the number of absent days during this time period, either by the total number of employees, or by an individual whose absences you want to take a closer look at.
  • For A Single Employee -
    • For a single employee’s absenteeism rate, let’s say they had 20 scheduled workdays and five days of unplanned absences. To calculate their absenteeism rate, you need to divide the number of absences (5) by the number of workdays (20) and multiply that by 100 and get 2.1%.

      (5 absences / 20 workdays) x 100 = 25% absenteeism rate

  • For Company Absenteeism -
    • For a single company's absenteeism rate, let’s say they had 20 scheduled technicians, and a total of 20 workdays each, 20x20 is a total of 400 workdays in the month. For this Ex: we will say a total of 12 shifts of unplanned absences (12 employees took time off/were absent). To calculate the company absenteeism rate, you need to divide the number of absences (12) by the number of workdays (400) and multiply that by 100 and you get 3%
  • Finding Workdays and Absences in MaidCentral
    • Using the Employee Stats report found under Reports > Employee Stats, you can populate the appropriate date range and pull the total number of Days Worked along with any absences in that time frame


  • Using our Formula from above -
    • Populating the dates of January 1st - January 31st 2023
      • - There are 31 total days - 9 (weekends we aren't open) so a total of 22 Workable days.
      • We have 19 cleaning Technicians in our Test Sight.
      • 22x19= 418 total workdays.
    • Seen above we have 7 Unexcused +1 Excused + 4 off (PTO/Time Off shifts) = 12 total "Absences" 
    • 12/418 = 0.0287 x 100 = 2.87% for the month
    • My Daily Absentee Rate is 2.87%


Annual Technician Turnover Rate -

  • Annual Technician Turnover Rate is found in the Employee Turnover By Week report 
  • Annual Technician Turnover Rate can be found in 2 different formats in MaidCentral - There is a 3 Month Moving Average and a 12 Month Moving Average


Monthly Operating Expense

  • This stat will unfortunately not be contained in MaidCentral as your expenses are not logged or tracked inside of MC

Technicians Hired Per Month

  • Technicians Hired per Month is easily trackable through the Employee Turnover by Month - found under Reports > All Reports > Employee Turnover by Month - under the "total - Hired" column


  • Additionally, Stats by Week shows the last 6 months in the summary page by default, take the total Staff Hired divided by 6 to get the average number of technicians hired per month for the last 6 months. 

Average Monthly Revenue Per Customer

To calculate the average monthly revenue per customer, you would divide the total revenue generated in a month by the number of customers during that same month.

The formula is:

Average Monthly Revenue per Customer = Total Revenue / Number of Customers

For example, let's say your business generated $10,000 in revenue during a month and had 200 customers. The calculation would be:

Average Monthly Revenue per Customer = $10,000 / 200 = $50

Therefore, the average monthly revenue per customer in this scenario would be $5


To get Monthly Revenue we recommend using the Stats by Week for the most accurate revenue data, For date specific data using the Revenue Production planning report found under Reports > Revenue Production Planning

You can select a date range and get total revenue for the time range

**This revenue is not locked in and does not include Lockout or skip fees!!!

For Customer Count you can use the "customer Count" report or please see the below article for a more detailed explanation on getting an active client customer count/list!

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